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50’s-60’s Era Foley Food Mill

It’s a little hard to date my Foley Food Mill.  Production began back in 1926 and I believe it ended sometime in the ‘70’s.  The mills changed little in 50 or so years of production but newer versions have an all metal, stamped steel handle.

This is a very handy piece of kitchen equipment.  The food mill will perfectly puree most foods (when prepared properly beforehand), unlike a blender or food processor which can leave a few chunks here and there.  The mill does this by forcing food through small holes at the bottom of the pot.  It takes a little effort to crank the mill, compared with pushing a button on the blender, but the results are worth it.

My mill gets its biggest workouts during the holidays when I puree ridiculous quantities of fresh pumpkin for pumpkin pie and bread which my wife and I give as gifts.  Canned pumpkin cannot compare to fresh when it comes to pumpkin pie and my friends and family will all swear to it.

Because the mills were made for so many years they are easily found in antique stores, thrift shops and yard sales.  Depending on where it’s found and the condition you can expect to pay between $1 and $10.  You could buy a new food mill but expect to pay at least $20, and it won’t be a genuine Foley or an antique.

If you would like to know more about what you can do with food mill, here’s a link to an old Foley promotional ad I found on the web:  75 Ways to Use the Foley Food Mill.

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6 thoughts on “50’s-60’s Era Foley Food Mill

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  2. Donna on said:

    I went to the website to see 75. ways to use the Foley food mill & it wasn’t there.

    • Thanks for letting me know the link wasn’t working. I just fixed the link, so you can now view the old Foley idea guide. It’s been several years since I created the page, so stuff like that can happen.

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