Use Your Antiques

Enjoy your antiques by using them as intended

50’s Era Combination Can & Bottle Opener

This is an A&J Combination Can and Bottle Opener.  I don’t recall if I purchased it or if it was a gift.  I’m usually pretty picky about the cosmetic condition of the antiques I purchase but if I find something in good physical condition for the right price I’ll buy it.

I chose this item today because I used it to open my first bottle of home brewed beer (It came out great!).  The opener actually has three separate tools.  Looking at the photo, the upper portion of the opener is used to open cans, the point in the middle is used to pry up an open can lid, and finally, the bottom portion is the bottle opener.  As you might expect the bottle opener side of this wonderful little tool gets used a lot more than the can opener side.

You will notice the paint on the wooden handle is badly chipped.  There is also some rust on the metal parts.  There are many reasons for this kind of wear but the two most likely causes are washing it in a dishwasher and storing it unprotected in a utensil drawer.  Never put wood handled utensils in the dishwasher, the hot water will cause the wood to swell which cracks the paint and causes it to flake off.  Also, if you care about the condition of your wood handled utensils, don’t store them in a utensil drawer where they get banged around every time you look for the spatula.  Find a safe, easily accessible, place to display them.  Mine hang individually on one wall of our kitchen.

My wife says I’m not supposed to drink and blog, so that’s it for this post.

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